Wellington Workshops


Kia Ora Wellingtonians and those that can get there,

The workshops in our Wellington Tour are for anyone interested in living sustainably, designing their own lives and empowering change in their communities. Koanga Institutes range of leading edge courses impart knowledge and practical skills that will empower you to be more self-reliant and resilient in supporting your family and your local community. These include learning about- growing highly mineralized microbially active soil- the basis for nutrient dense food (beyond organic) and holistic health, preparing and acquiring nutrient dense food, and many more.



Friday 3rd June, 2016 | 6pm – 8pm | Koha (donation on arrival)

Panel: Kay Baxter and Bob Corker

This evening will be a discussion night based around Kay and Bob having fifteen minutes each to tell you about the thing they are most passionate about now in the wider field of regenerative living and what they see as their biggest challenges. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and tell us about your challenges and together we will find solutions. You will then have the opportunity to ask questions. We love hard questions, it is by facing the hard stuff we move forward!!!

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Saturday 4th June, 2016 | 9am – 4pm | $130

Tutors: Bob Corker

If we are to develop regenerative human ecologies, we need to develop appropriate technologies, that meet our requirements from within our own environment.

For us the focus is on the following:

  • Providing sources of heat and cooling using solar and/or wood fuel technologies (cooking and drying food, heating and cooling houses, cooling food)
  • Recycling nutrients within our environment (greywater, composting toilets, biochar, bonechar)
  • Producing mechanical power from waterflows
  • Building low cost, natural housing within the building code

We’ll share our experience in developing these ideas and give you practical examples that you can apply to your own situation.

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Saturday 4th June, 2016 | 9am – 4pm | $130

Tutor: Kay Baxter

The purpose of this workshop is to inspire you and give you the knowledge you need to do an amazing job in your garden.

By the end of this workshop you’ll understand what Biointensive gardening is and why it is the most efficient system we know of. You will inspired to go home and do more learning to grow your own high quality food in a super efficient way whilst also growing soil.

In this workshop you’ll learn the basic theory for all the components of BioIntensive Gardening: 

  • Why we are gardening and what are our goals
  • What is BioIntensive gardening
  • History of BioIntensive gardening
  • Potential of BioIntensive gardening

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Saturday 4th June, 2016 | 6:30pm – 8:30pm | $40

Tutor: Kay Baxter

This workshop is mainly about learning the process through the seasonal changes in relation to what you actually want to eat. Intelligent Garden Planning is critical to achieving an efficient, productive garden and most of us don’t know how to do it.

By the end of this workshop you can plan your own garden to create food security efficiently while also building your soil. We’ll equip you with everything you need to go home and plan your entire garden for spring planting as well as the following autumn so you have some food to cover the quiet times in the garden too!

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Sunday 5th June, 2016 | 9am – 4pm | $130

Tutor: Kay Baxter

A forest garden is an orchard that has been designed to provide for it’s own needs in the image of all natural forest systems. The trees we think of as fruit trees are mostly heavy croppers and heavy feeders. These trees need a lot of support to do well over the long haul, or even at all. We can either pour on fertilizer and sprays etc or can design the system to provide for it’s own needs. In this case there are some patterns, or ‘laws of nature’ we must follow if we want our design out to actually work. This workshop will instill in you the patterns and ho two apply them through practice of the design process in a real situation.

By the end of this workshop you’ll understand how natural forest’s have all the nutrient maintenance and the needs of the trees designed and built into the system. You will be ready to go home and use these understandings and information to design your own forest garden in the image of a natural forest.

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Sunday 5th June, 2016 | 9am – 4pm | $130

Tutor: Bob Corker

Urban Farming is really taking off right now and we’re so excited to be a part of this journey! The idea is that everyone could grow some of their own high quality food and even animals for meat to save them money and ensure them a higher level of nutritional resiliency. Our aim is to inspire and empower urban dwellers by setting up  Urban Farms designed to produce the actual nutrition required by the people who live there!

Regenerative Urban Farming is a combination of BioIntensive Gardening, Forest Garden Design and animal management. To be a highly skilled Urban Farmer you will need experience in designing and managing all of these systems in ways that regenerate the ecology in the form of producing nutrient dense food. So Beginning with each of these workshops is also a great place to start.

By the end of this Regenerative Urban Farm Design Workshop you’ll understand the design process. You will see how Koanga has applied that process to create a functional regenerative Urban Farm.

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Monday 6th June, 2016 | 9am – 4pm | $130

Tutors: Kay Baxter

This workshop will give you an understanding of what nutrient dense food is, and how to test your food, using a refractometer, to see how nutrient dense it is. You will learn how our food communicates with our bodies, and how the strength and clarity of that communication largely determines our health today and for our children and grandchildren tomorrow.

You will then learn some key principles behind growing nutrient dense food; How to use that understanding and information to design your best way to grow nutrient dense food. We will teach you a range methods from brought fertiliser to doing it all yourself via the compost heap, and the biochar burner… and more.. You can design your nutrient dense food systems using your choice of the above.

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Monday 6th June, 2016 | 9am – 4pm | $130

Tutors: Bob Corker

Developing villages – Whether it be starting from scratch in a rural area, or adjacent to an existing town, there are opportunities to develop the ecological and social base for self-reliance and resilience within a village community. Bob will talk about his vision and experience with the Kotare Village, in the Hawke’s Bay and how you might apply similar ideas to other possibilities.

By the end of this workshop you’ll understand the importance of invisible infrastructures and the changes in perspective that it takes to get a village up and running. You’ll be ready to go home and consider if living in a village is right for you. If village living is what you seek, you will have a broader perspective to know what questions to ask while enquiring with existing eco-villages. You may already be working on a plan to create your own village, in which case you will have a much clearer understanding or what it really involves and which skilled people you require at various stages of planning and creating your vision.

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