Organic versus Nutrient Dense Food

 Organic Food

  • Cutting out all the nasty chemicals (not using pesticides, herbicides & fungicides)
  • Only using natural products that come from the environment (not synthesised) on your garden beds and plants
  • If you start with an already degenerated environment (which we mostly are) then you will be recycling the same deficiencies that exist in the natural products your fertilisers and plant applications are sourced from
  • It’s possible to be organic and degenerating the soil (I did it)

Nutrient Dense Food

  • Highest potential of mineral energy available to the plant
  • Use natural products but discover missing gaps in minerals and supplement them, not just focusing on a few, but all 84 minerals
  • Measured by Brix testing which tells us the solids per 100 units of plant sap – this allows us to test and see if our fertiliser program is effective
  • Increasing nutrient density of our plants is inseprable from increasing our soil and sequestering carbon and hummus in the soil
  • Learning to grow nutrient dense food is a journey of regeneration