June Moon Calendar

JUNE 2019

NEW MOON 3rd June


  • Collect seed catalogues and inspirational books so you can dream about next season’s garden

  • Plan next year’s garden

  • Spend time on fine days just looking around the garden, observing and remembering what worked, what didn’t, what changes you may like to make

  • If you haven’t already got them draw up some blanks of maps of your garden beds so you can more easily plan next season’s garden


  • Foliar spray for plant health

  • Use cutonic copper stone fruit for leaf curl and bacterial blast if you’re concerned




  • Have a well earned rest – enjoy all that summer food and wine that was stored away in the autumn!

  • Celebrate the beginning of the gardener’s year and the dream for the season to come


  • Pruning and planting fruit trees

  • If it’s a warm winter you may have strong grass growth in which case you can scythe and use it to mulch currants, berry fruit and perennial veges (eg asparagus) which you may struggle to find mulch for in spring when you need it for the fruit trees

FULL MOON 17th June


  • Plant garlic 3 days after full moon, also tree onions, shallots, potato, onions

  • Plant Dalmatian garlic in orchard

  • Scatter neem granules around roots of dwarfing apples (or any trees that are susceptible) to prevent woolly aphids next season


  • Mark strong clumps of bulbs or clumps that need to be dug and divided to dig later

  • Planting and pruning fruit trees, hedgerow trees, bee forage and shelter trees

  • Manure and prune feijoas now

  • Begin pruning macadamias once the crop is off



  • Time for dreaming and resting and finding inspiration for the year to come


  • Plant fruit trees

  • Prune fruit trees

  • Manure and prune feijoas (feijoas are pollinated by birds so need to be pruned from inside to be open)

  • Prune, lime, manure and mulch all berry fruits, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, logan berries and raspberries,

  • De-sucker raspberries