July Moon Calendar

JULY 2019

NEW MOON  3rd July


  • Think carefully about what possible seed saving you might like to be doing over the next season.

  • Now is the time to decide how important it is for you to be growing veges and fruit with a high nutritional density (bearing in mind that eating nutritional dense food will be the most sustainable way of staying healthy while taking care of the environment!!) The only way to do that is to be growing them in a balanced, highly mineralised soil with high levels of microrganisms. If you want to increase the nutrient density of your produce and you feel you need specific direction then I would recommend you contact Environmental Fertilisers and begin the process of having a Reems soil test taken. You will then be able to obtain the correct balanced mineralised product for your garden. If you are clear you want to go for nutritional density but do not which to do a soil test then I would recommend you use their General Purpose Garden Fertiliser (available at Koanga Gardens Centre for Sustainable Living).

  • Organise your seed raising mix for the spring. If you’re making your own use 1/3 screened garden soil, 1/3 screened compost, 1/3 sand and then add 10% vermicast.


  • Decide whether you’re going to deal with all pests and diseases in the orchard over the next year by:

  1. Focusing only on healthy soil and roots (moisture levels, nutrients mulch etc)

  2. Using a regular seaweed or fish and phyter spray application (could be done at the same time and as well as step 1) or

  3. Using a copper spray on deciduous fruit trees to inhibit many fungal and bacterial problems (could also be done at the same time as step 1 but probably not at the same time as step 2). If using a copper spray this needs to be done now.

  • Finish planting and pruning fruit trees




  • Clean out tunnel houses, green houses and potting benches ready for spring planting – slugs and snails live under rubbish and things lying around

  • Repot and revitalise pot plants

  • Prepare beds for early potatoes, peas and broad beans

  • Enjoy the last of your winter break



  • Once all planting and pruning, staking, manuring and mulching is done  in the orchard, it’s holiday time. If you’re onto it you’ll get a small break before the vege garden is full on!

  • If you are still planting be sure to do the best possible job of planting your trees, how you plant them will determine how much fruit they produce over the lifetime. See our Koanga Planting Guide and also our Fruit Tree Health Guide


FULL MOON  17th July


  • Begin collecting  your seeds ready for a big early garden planting into seed trays next new moon.. If you are saving your own seed now is a great time to go through them  all and select the very best seeds for planting and spend time with the seeds…handle them… listen to them ….


  • Have a knees up,, crack out last year’s apple cider out blackberry wine etc




  • Check out new and inspirational books! Have you thoroughly read the Art of Composting Booklet, as home gardeners  our solutions for regeneration  all lie via the compost as far as I can see, a critical area to upskill in . Maybe you are a Beginner Gardener and our Beginner Gardener Booklet will be your start here. Time to do lots of dreaming about your garden goals for the year to come and get your creative juices flowing. The Koanga Garden Planner is a sophisticated design process for achieving all of your goals in the garden, now is the time to use it to design your entire garden to do everything you require

  • Sharpen garden stakes,all tools, oil wooden handles,  trim pea stakes, prepare labels, check all cloche and cover materials as well as all netting hoops and bird covers

  • Make up hot beds if you will be needing them for peppers, eggplants, tomatoes and other early crops next month Koanga Garden Guide has a horse manure design for bottom heat


  • Planting  fruit trees

  • Pruning  fruit trees

  • Manure and prune feijoas

Prune tie and de-sucker, manure and mulch if not already done berry fruits, blueberry, cranberry, blackberry, loganberry, raspberry, currants etc Pruning instructions for all berries in Design Your Own Orchard

  • Prune macadamias and tamarillos that have finished fruitiing