January Moon Calendar


NEW MOON 6th January 2019

Vege Garden

  • Water carefully, using fingers to make sure the ground is getting wet where you need the moisture

  • Harvest garlic and onions and dry if ready

  • Weed and prepare beds , aerate surface of all unmulched beds with hoe or long handled straker or niwashi etc

  • Sow late and glasshouse crops of cucumbers, courgettes, beans, basil

  • Sow peas, rocket, coriander  in shade

  • Plan and sow seed for autumn crops like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, silverbeet, spinach, celery carrots, beetroot, endive, Brussels sprouts, kale, swedes and turnips, lettuce, radish,  and daikon

  • Continue regular weekly feeding of gross feeders with liquid comfrey or liquid manure and foliar feeding with fish, phyter, seaweed or vermi-liquid if necessary

  • Transplant leeks into garden for autumn winter use

  • Sow seed for late autumn/winter early  spring  flowering—snap dragon, calendula, marigold, sweet william, hollyhock, granny’s bonnets, cineraria, primrose and polyanthus


  • Pinch growing tips out on your fig trees to encourage the growth to go into the fruit

  • Net and harvest ripening fruit

  • Watch moisture levels, check young trees carefully


FIRST QUARTER 14th January 2019


  • Check water requirements

  • Check tomato and pepper maintenance.. See Koanga Garden Guide

  • Plant catch crops for shield bugs (i.e. mustard)

  • Foliar feed three days before full moon

  • Prick out and transplant as necessary


  • Get out “Harry the Hawk” kites and nets for fruit trees as fruit ripens

  • Bananas need feeding and watering now, de-sucker all banana suckers after the first two under each fruiting palm; failure to do this means smaller bunches and too many trunks!!

  • Check moisture levels on all trees especially dwarf apples, dwarf pears, feijoas, young trees, kiwi fruit and citrus – all have shallow roots and hate drying out. Brown leaves, bad pear slug, bad cicada damage and serious bronze beetle damage are all symptoms of water stress


FULL MOON 21st January 2019


  • Water as required, especially just around the full moon as the plants are really wanting to grow

  • Foliar feed three days before full moon

  • Keep up tomato and pepper maintenance

  • Spray neem oil for shield bugs. Spraying now will stop the next generation hatching

  • Remove seeds pods from sweet peas to keep them flowering

  • Layer carnations

  • Plant bulbs in garden beds orchard or pots

  • Dead head dahlias too keep them flowering


  • Watch for water stress

  • Spray neem oil on any young trees that need protection

  • Make a careful notes of when all your fruit ripens so that you know where the gaps are for future plantings


LAST QUARTER January 28th


  • Prepare beds, transplant and prick out for late and autumn crops

  • Transplant lettuces and plant rocket under shade cloth

  • Continue watering

  • Continue tomato pepper maintenance

  • Weed and aerate the surface of newly planted beds – we use either a niwashi or a long handled straker on a weekly basis while the weeds are all very small

  • Prepare ground for autumn flowering annuals and biennials


  • If haymaking, use any extra to mulch orchards, garden beds

  • Plan now for mulching next seasons plantings

  • Summer prune stone fruit

  • Watch for branches breaking under the weight of a heavy crop, may need to thin or stake up or tie up branches