April Moon Calendar

APRIL 2019

NEW MOON 5th April


  • Prepare garlic beds

  • In warmer areas this is your last chance to sow orach, silverbeet, rainbow chard, endive, brassicas, peas, coriander and celery

  • Plant green manure and compost crops in empty beds

  • Last planting of biennial flowers and herbs such as hollyhocks, sweet William, columbine and verbascum

  • Sow calendula, cineraria, poppies, snap dragons and pansy seed for flowers in the winter vege garden

  • Sow heartsease for companion to garlic and onions over the winter

  • Plant out autumn /winter flowering annuals that are ready now


  • A great time to establish your orchard herbal leys while the ground is warm and moist

  • Plant subtropical fruit trees

  • De-sucker bananas and cut off the male part of flower when fruit has set

  • Manure, mulch and compost around fruit trees while ground is warm but after rain comes

  • Plan and organise winter plantings

  • Take out any trees that need removing before it gets wet




  • In areas where broad beans are planted in autumn, soak overnight and plant into beds or into seed trays and transplant

  • In warmer areas this is your last chance to sow corn salad and rocket directly on the surface, orach, silverbeet, endive, brassicas, peas, miner’s lettuce, parsley, coriander, and celery

  • Foliar feed three days before full moon

  • Finish planting any spare beds in compost crops such as  lupins, broad beans, vetch and wheat rye

  • When transplanting winter veges manure and lime well with dolomite and composted animal manure, fish meal and biophos and then mulch. The worms will go crazy!


  • Continue all jobs as in the New Moon phase


FULL MOON 19th April


  • Foliar feed three days after full moon.

  • In warmer areas this is the last chance to sow carrots and beetroot before spring


  • Finish planting spring bulbs

  • Begin wrenching any trees for shifting this winter after the first rain, wrenching one side only this month.

  • Note any trees that need removing this autumn /winter

  • Begin preparing ground for new orchard plantings in winter



  • Double dig or prepare all remaining beds for winter crops or compost crops

  • Empty chook straw yards onto garden and give chooks fresh material for the winter

  • Manure brassica beds as they are gross feeders

  • Pick and store main crop apples, pears, potatoes, kumara, pumpkin and dried beans

  • Clean out kikuyu barriers

  • Transplant last seedlings

  • Harvest whole Echinacea plants, clean, chop and put into jars and cover with vodka so Echinacea tincture will be ready in six weeks

  • Prepare strawberry beds


  • Spread  lime, manure, rock phosphate, liquid seaweed and vermiliquid around orchards and gardens

  • Manure, mulch and compost around fruit trees after first rain. Take special care with young trees, berry fruit and perennial crops

  • Prune tamarillo trees hard after the last fruit comes off. Staggered pruning will stagger next year’s crop

  • Tie up boysenberries, loganberries, blackberries and raspberries

  • Trim blueberries and Chilean cranberries

  • After the rain apply soil conditioners, vermicast, vermiliquid and seaweed preparations

  • Begin collecting fallen leaves to make compost leaf mould, hot beds etc.