Internships are opportunities for students who have done Permaculture learning/workshops/ courses here at Koanga or elsewhere, to further their learning by gaining practical experience in their field of interest.

If you have a passion for growing nutrient dense food and seed saving or food forests and propagating trees for around your home, teaching others or starting your own business, Koanga offers several 3 month internships at no cost, designed to help you on your journey.

These internships are unique as you are not only learning in your desired area of focus but also how to eat nutritionally by selection and various ways of processing and storage of food.

Internships can be suitable for couples wanting to learn together.

We have a range of possibilities;

  • Food production and seed saving internship

  • Forest garden and Tree nursery internships

  • Internships in Hokianga

Read on for more information!

Forest garden and Tree nursery internships

2021 internships:

2021 - 11th of January - 26th March

On these internship you will be taught by our highly skilled managers the following::

  • Heritage fruit tree varieties.

  • Grafting.

  • Tree health.

  • Propagation

  • Seed collection.

  • Forest garden design and maintenance.

  • Managing the tree nursery.

  • Bio-intensive practices.

As part of each internship, Koanga provides a free week long course with all meals provided and a weekly mentoring session with Kay Baxter who has over 30 years experience in heritage fruit trees, gardening and seed saving.

Please e-mail [email protected] to apply

Applications close on Sunday 6th December

Food production and seed saving internship

- next one is 11th January to 26th March 2021 - applications CLOSED

As part of this internship you will work alongside our gardeners learning skills such as:

  • Bio-intensive practices

  • How to work efficiently with low impact on your body.

  • Propagation

  • Regenerative soil development techniques

  • Growing nutrient dense food.

  • Garden planning and management

  • Plant health

  • Compost making

  • Harvesting and seed cleaning techniques

We asked our recent interns what their experience of Koanga was and here are their responses:

I thought I was doing pretty good growing my own vegetables and eating organically as much as possible- but wow, coming to Koanga made me realise just how much more I can do, to tread lightly on earth as well as grow even more nutrient dense food. It’s so inspiring to be apart of it, with a bunch of knowledgeable individuals in many different areas relating to different aspects of regenerative living. I’m incredibly grateful to be apart of the seed internship and have the opportunity to to learn and grow with some seriously talented individuals”

-Sophiemarie Bethell

I came to Koanga on an internship on forest garden and nursery production which included the two week permaculture design course, which i have wanted to do for years. Little did I know I would be getting so much more. From nutritional health, looking after geese and fowl and seed saving to alternative technology and more. My mentors here at Koanga Institute are happy to share all the knowledge you need to live a regenerative life. I will be leaving here well equipped and grateful for the opportunity to live and learn in this awesome place.”

-Alistair Mckay

We are a very down to earth, highly motivated team with a vast range of expertise that love to share our knowledge and give you the best learning possible by always going that extra mile.

Spaces are strictly limited and we ask that if you are interested you e-mail [email protected] and request an internship application form or to be put on the mailing list for internships as they become available. 

We are a charitable trust and this is regarded by us as volunteer work done in the spirit of providing the best practical learning experience we can for you trusting that you will give it your all as well. We give you a place to stay, caravan with basic cooking and facilities plus comfortable library and internet access, as well as a very special experience here at Koanga where you can experience, learn, and be inspired by the things you are keen to learn about.

If you choose the Heritage Seed and Food Production Internship you will be able to do the Koanga Food Security Week and the Koanga Seed Week. If you do the Forest Garden Nursery Internship you will do the Propagation workshop and the Koanga Tree Week as well as working along side mentors most of the time doing practical work.

Koanga does not provide food, so you will need to be able to support yourself whilst here. We will choose people who are committed to living simply locally, and creating regenerative futures for local communities and the planet, and who can show us they are capable of the commitment and the physical work, outdoors in most weather, and who we feel are able to cope with very basic caravan living conditions… and are totally passionate about learning.

Internships in Hokianga

Gail and John, who have been linked with Koanga for many years, also offer internships of around 3 to 6 months on a wwoofing type basis at their farm in Hokianga.

They are seed growers, hold the Northern Koanga Fruit Tree Collection on their land and Gail is employed by Koanga in a number of roles. They live on a 65 acre farm not far from Rawene and have gardens and orchards as well as Dexter Cattle, Arapawa Sheep, and the usual mix of ducks, chooks, and geese.
They have lots of projects on and are looking for interns to stay for several months. Interns need to be interested in all aspects of regenerative living including gardening, orchards, woodlots, food preparation and preservation, milking, building, and animal care. They need to be flexible and prepared to do what needs doing at different times of year and a significant part of the focus is on gardening. They are looking for interns who are quick learners with good practical aptitude and are enthusiastic about trying to live in a different way. There is no requirement to have undertaken a Permaculture Design Course.

If you are interested please e-mail [email protected] for more information.

Gail and John's garden

Regeneration Productions Internship

ReGeneration Productions is an online education platform. Our mission is to restore the health of our people, our communities and the health of our planet. To do that we've gathered years of practical experience by partnering with Koanga, a Permaculture Institute in New Zealand which has been teaching people how to live regeneratively for over 30 years. ReGen is producing online workshops with videos, databases, and webinars to inspire and support us all to be the change we want to see in the world.

ReGen Website -

We are looking for a volunteer interested in Permaculture and Regenerative Development who would love to be involved in creating 'Regeneration' in all it’s aspects, whilst filming and editing videos to create on-line workshops about this journey. The successful applicant will live at the Koanga Institute and be involved in a diverse range of activities, with a focus on Filmmaking, but ranging from regenerative urban gardening to seed saving, forest gardening, designing nutrient dense diets and much more. This Internship is 10 weeks long and the right intern has the chance of being permanently employed by ReGen in the future.

If this sounds like you please email us for more information: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!