Heritage Vegetables and more!

In this section you will find all kinds of information relating to heritage vegetables

Our list of favourite greens for planting in each season

What to plant in the Autumn (February through to April)

Growing tips  We have compiled growing tips for most crop types to help you get the best out of your garden.

Heritage Vegetable Selector Charts Not sure which varieties of heritage beans, tomatoes, pumpkins or corn to plant? Our heritage vegetable selector charts are a great resource to help you decide which varieties are right for your situation

How to grow tomatoes

Tomatoes are always a challenge if you want to do it organically, especially if you want to do it without copper sprays.  This is the program we’ve developed over the years, read more ....

Growing beans for drying It’s immensely satisfying to consider all the things we’ve got stored away – bottled fruit and tomatoes, jars of pesto, sacks of potatoes, kumara boxed safely up, and jars and jars of dried beans. I particularly love the dried beans – they are beautiful to look at and great to cook with – a real taonga.

Using Maize All kinds of information here about maize, a great crop to grow if you want start growing your own grains.


Growing kumara  Kumara growing begins in late August when the Lands plant the beds, called tāpapa, for growing the kumara tupu. Tupu are rooted shoots which grow from the parent kumara and can be pinched off and planted out to form a kumara plant. The tāpapa is made with free draining, coarse river sand which prevents the kumara rotting in the Spring rain, and only has a small amount of nutrients, so doesn’t support lots of weed growth. Read more ...

How to grow great kumara Kumara are one of our main staple crops and a huge favourite for us. For most people who buy kumara their choices are limited to either gold or red but Koanga has a range of pre European and early commercial varieties which range in colour from red, through dark pink, orange, golden, pale pink to white. As well as varying in colour the leaf shape, growth habits and flavours also vary with some being sweeter than others. Read more ....


Growing potatoes in the Hokianga Joseph and Catherine Land and family have been growing potatoes on their land in the Hokianga for about 30 years, and for the past 6 years have been the main potato grower for the Koanga Institute. Growing fantastic potatoes for seed and for eating requires considerable skill and effort. I visited the Lands in early December to discuss how they manage to grow such large quantities of great seed potatoes and to keep their lines of seed so healthy in such a humid climate. Read more ...

Fertilising potatoes