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Join us and help save New Zealand’s Heritage Food Plants

Becoming a member of the Koanga Institute is the best way to support us to:

  • Continue to preserve our NZ Heritage Food Seeds and Plants
  • Research aspects of regenerative living especially in the fields of soil health, crop and animal health and human health
  • Provide a wide range of important knowledge on different aspects of regenerative living through our website knowledge base and through courses and workshops
  • Provide inspiration and learning opportunities for as many people as possible
  • Empower home gardeners to develop efficient gardening skills, build top-soil and improve their health through enjoying their own quality and nutrient dense produce

In addition members get the following benefits:


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Keeping the whole of our collection of incredibly important New Zealand heirlooms alive and available for the people of New Zealand is a complicated and expensive process and we receive no government funding. In order to be able to maintain a garden crew capable of continuing to save our seeds and heritage fruit trees we need to significantly increase our membership base. We hope you will join us!

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