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Join us and help save New Zealand’s Heritage Food Plants

Purchasing a Lifetime Membership demonstrates a significant commitment to Koanga Institute and our kaupapa and the financial contribution is greatly appreciated .  

Becoming a member of the Koanga Institute is the best way to support us to:

  • Continue to preserve our NZ Heritage Food Seeds and Plants
  • Research aspects of regenerative living especially in the fields of soil health, crop and animal health and human health
  • Provide a wide range of important knowledge on different aspects of regenerative living through our website knowledge base and through courses and workshops
  • Provide inspiration and learning opportunities for as many people as possible
  • Empower home gardeners to develop efficient gardening skills, build top-soil and improve their health through enjoying their own quality and nutrient dense produce

In addition members:

  • Have access to Preservation Packs at cost of normal seed packet (these are only available to members)
  • Have access to members only perennials and specials
  • Have the ability to send in questions on topics to be answered during our  webinars
  • Have priority access for purchasing fruit trees each winter (trees are available to members only for the first two weeks of trees being available to purchase)
  • Have the opportunity to support Koanga and other people through our assisted membership scheme where people who are financially secure can provide a membership for someone who otherwise would not be able to afford to join.
  • Be subscribed to our newsletter and mailing list (although you can opt out or unsubscribe at any time)

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Keeping the whole of our collection of incredibly important New Zealand heirlooms alive and available for the people of New Zealand is a complicated and expensive process and we receive no government funding. In order to be able to maintain a garden crew capable of continuing to save our seeds and heritage fruit trees we need to significantly increase our membership base and are aiming for 5000 members. More information on membership of Koanga and our progress towards our goal of 5000 members can be found here

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