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Seaweed is an amazing tonic and nutritional supplement for both humans, animals, plants and soil.  If our chickens, cows and compost have seaweed in them so will our eggs, milk and vegetables.

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Directions For Use :

Animals :
For animals we put it out in containers that can not be turned over or get wet, for ad lib feeding. If they eat it, they need it. If your animals have never had it before you may have to add
molasses to get them eating it initially leaving it out over time., or add it to other food. Seaweed is full of all the minor minerals, hormones and enzymes etc needed for strong healthy growth in all living things.

Plants :
To ensure that the minerals are biologically available to your plants, the best method is to add seaweed meal to your compost heap as you go. As you build your heap, sprinkle the seaweed powder in between the layers. This 1kg bag is enough for a home gardener’s compost heap of around 1.2m x 1.2m x approx 1.3m. Follow instructions in the Koanga Institute’s booklet The Art of Compost, to achieve a highly mineralised, biologically active, high humus compost heap.

To Make Liquid Fertilizer :
Add 1 kg of Seaweed meal to a 60 litre barrel of warm water, and place somewhere so that they will remain warm as long as possible. Stir daily. After 6 weeks, strain  dilute 1:10 and use as a foliar spray on garden and fruit trees.

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