Potato Onion Brown


Update 5th May 2020 We have a small additional amount of this item. If you received a wait list e-mail but the item is out of stock when you check then apologies but the extra has sold out already. Please don’t e-mail to ask as we don’t have any more. 

SHIPMENT DATE: APRIL – MAY (Garlic Onions and Strawberries are all sent once a year in April/May) Orders received will be placed on a first come first serve basis. Send out will be after lock down ends

Family: ALLIACEA (Amaryllidaceae) (Amaryllidaceae)
Genus & Species: Allium cepa

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Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Northland
Quantity: 10 bulbs

Description: These little beauties came from Puss Chadwick of Paparoa (Northland) . Many veges and fruit varieties (including the Pahi apricot) came to us from her garden, which was a very special garden. These onions grow by planting a bulb which multiplies and you will harvest around 10-12 onions for each one planted. They string up well and keep very well. They are sort of potato shaped and about 3cm diameter. Some people use them for pickled onions. They are strong tasting, great whole in casseroles and excellent skewered on barbecues.

Planting Instructions: Onions do best in light soils with good drainage and need a sunny position. Enrich soil with well rotted manure, compost, lime and Nature’s Garden prior to planting. Plant bulbil just below the soil from May to July at 15cm diagonal spacings. They benefit from a weed suppressant mulch. Mulch only after tops reach 6-8cm in height.

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