Ovens Wattle


Acacia pravissima


Native to: Australia
Number of Seeds: 20

Description: Acacia pravissima is a woody shrub/ tree that grows up to 4m in height, it does well on heavy clay soils and is great for a subtropical forest garden situation. it is light and airy and can easily grow anywhere around heavy feeders, fix nitrogen, be chopped and dropped and also have flowers that feed the native and other beneficial insects, in particular some of the psyllids that we need! They handle a light frost but do not like heavy frosts so not an option in cold climates.

Planting Instructions: Early autumn or early spring. Scarify – Place seeds in a tin can/glass and pure boiling water, let soak for 24 hours. Scatter in trays and transplant into 1L bags when 5cm tall. Plant into permanent position when 50cm high.

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