Koanga Sun Calendar


NEW! A 3 size Sun Calendar. 




New for 2020!

Beautiful A3 size Sun Calendar. A black design on natural stiff brown card that can be used as a wall chart. It is double sided so you can make your own calendar on the reverse side.

The ancient Celtic people divided the year into 8 festival seasons, created by taking the solstices and equinox’s and then finding the mid points between them, creating 8 seasons. Each season was remembered and known for those things particular to that season, and each season was acknowledged and celebrated. Here at Koanga we have used the basic 8 seasons, and found those things in each season that we would like to celebrate, and drawn those things into our own Calendar. One side of the wall chart is our Koanga Sun Calendar, and the other side is left open for you to create your own calendar out of your own experience and your own environment / ecology.

It’s all about connections and celebration!



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