Corn Kaanga Ma




Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Ruatoria
Number of Seeds: 50

Description: Traditional Maori corn from Ruatoria sent to Koanga by a Koro of the area. Used to make fermented corn and other traditional recipes. Can also be used as a flour corn. This seed as one of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen or held. The Wairua of this seed is very strong. It is amazing how everybody who sees the huge cobs puts out their hands to touch them. Large pearl coloured kernels. We ate this corn as sweet corn this year and it’s excellent. It also makes great polenta albeit somewhat pale! This seems to be the ultimate all purpose corn! Kay has learned recently that the most popular old type of corn in South America and the most popular posole corn in the USA is corn very similar to this. We may have the only non-contaminated strains left in the world.

Planting Instructions: Scatter sow seeds into trays. Transplant when 5-8 cm high and soil temperature reaches 15-16 degrees C to 40 cm diagonal spacing.

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