Giant Solomons Seal


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Family: OTHER (Amaryllidaceae)
Genus & Species: Polygonatum commutatum

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Heritage Status: Unknown
Bio-Region of Origin: Unknown
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Description: A common clumping perennial often found in the shade by the back doors of old houses, sometimes mistaken for Lily of the Valley. These are woodland plants that require humus rich soil and partial or full shade. –

Culinary Uses (root & young shoots only!)

Solomon’s Seal seem innocuous and so widely useful, but parts of it are poisonous. Except for the root and tender young shoots, all parts of the adult plant, especially the berries are poisonous and should not be consumed. 

New shoots in the spring are delicious raw or cooked (steamed lightly like asparagus and served with butter). This is a favorite food in Turkey.

The berries are stated to excite vomiting, and even the leaves, nausea, if chewed. So, heed this warning:

POISONOUS: Do NOT eat the berries or leaves or stems!

The root dug in autumn and dried is also edible. Any roots should be boiled with three changes of water before being roasted and eaten. The roots macerated for some time in water yield a substance capable of being used as food and consisting principally of starch. The root is delicious, edible and highly medicinal.

If you are unsure about identifying the plants or its parts, seek out a personal consultation with a skilled herbalist or botonist before using internally for food or medicine.

Culinary details derived from  Cortesia Herbal Products. For more detailed information on Solomon’s Seal see their website.

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