Apple | Matakana Golden Russet | MM106 rootstock


Small single rod

Rootstock            MM106
Canopy Size       12.56sqm
Preferences       Free draining soils
Description        Developed for free draining lighter soils.
                                  A semi dwarfing tree, if well pruned can be
                                  kept to 2.5m high and 3m wide.
                                  An excellent choice for home gardens if 
                                  you have the right soil

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Golden russet skin with red blush on sunny side, round, flattish, yellow flesh, very rich aromatic flavour, sweet, soft, excellent with cheese.

Ripe February, March but store well and taste better with keeping. Golden Russets were very common in all of the old orchards.

They are precocious bearers, reliable heavy croppers and are very special apples.

From the Matakana area and very probably from the original Mathew Bros nursery in the area.