Apple | Granny Smith | M9 rootstock


Small single rod

Rootstock            M9 (dwarf)
Canopy Size       3.14sqm
Preferences       Irrigation, mulch, staking, free draining soils
Description        Produces a dwarf tree.
                                  Can be espaliered, cordoned or
                                  grown as a staked tree

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Large round bright green skin, crisp, sweet tasty/acid tangy flavour.  Great dessert apple when left on the trees to fully ripen, when the skin goes yellow with a browny tinge, and the flesh goes super sweet and juicy.  

Ripens April-May.

Also great used for cooking, juicing drying and storing.

Originally from the settlement and huge orchards planted at Port Albert (on the Kaipara Harbour) by the Albertlanders from Germany.