Apple | Dawn O’Leary | Northern Spy rootstock


Small single rod

Rootstock            Northern Spy
Canopy Size       30sqm
Preferences       This is an old rootstock
                                  that does best on heavy clays.
                                  It can handle heavy wet soils
                                  as well.
Description        It is possible to keep trees on
                                  this rootstock to 3m if you
                                  are a very skilled pruner.
                                  They can grow to 6m, but not
                                  too difficult to keep them to 4-5m.

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Large, round apple. Dark red skin. Crisp firm texture. Good flavour. Sweet but with slight sharpness.

From Dawn O’Leary near Silverdale. Chance seedling. Her father had apple orchard when she was a child and she reckons its a good one and not like others she knows.

Now one of our favourites. Great dessert apple, fantastic cooker and stores quite well.