Beginner Gardener Seed Collection | ’40m² Salads Stir Fries Soups and Stews’



Take your family another step toward future food security! This seed collection is specifically designed to go with our Koanga Beginner Gardener Booklet (not included). Full instructions for every step of the way in words, diagrams and charts, are in the booklet. The seeds in this collection are worth $213.80 so you’re saving $43.80! At supermarket prices the value of the food grown from these could be $2,300!!! Plus these seeds contain far more potential to nourish you and your family than any food in the supermarket or grown from modern hybrid or GE seeds.

This collection has been chosen very carefully to ensure you will have a basic nutritious range of vegetables to eat every day, all year long, and also to ensure you have enough carbon/compost material production coming from the 40 square metre garden to make a high quality compost heap to ensure you are “growing” soil at the same time.

What a great way to start your gardening adventure!

This Collection Contains

  • 49 packets of seed, including an Oats Carbon Crop pack. All 50 packets of seeds in this Collection are the seeds of our ancestors, saved, grown and selected to nourish people.
  • The Garden Action Plan which contains a lot of useful information to support you to do a good job of this garden.
  • The Crop Rotation Planner shows you when to aim for having your crops in the garden, when to expect them to be out, and what will follow so that you get a sense of the seasonal rhythms.
  • The Garden Map, which will show you how to plant these vegetables in a way that means you have 10m2 of heavy feeders, 10m2 of roots / legumes and 20m2 of carbon / compost crops.

You could even save your own seed from most of these vegetables for your following year’s garden. Purchase our Save Your Own Seed Booklet for details about this.

Summer Seeds Include:

  • 1x Basil | Genovese
  • 2x Bean | Dwarf Kaiapoi
  • 1x Bean | Climbing Green Emu
  • 1x Bean | Climbing Dry Dalmatian Pean
  • 2x Beetroot | Cylindrical
  • 1x Carrot | Oxheart
  • 1x Chives
  • 1x Corn | Golden Bantamn
  • 1x Corn | Country Gentleman
  • 2x Corn | Rainbow Inca
  • 1x Courgette | Long Green Bush
  • 1x Cucumber | Port Albert
  • 1x Radish | Tokinashi
  • 2x Lettuce | Half Century
  • 1x Pumpkin | Delicata
  • 1 x Pumpkin | Red Kuri
  • 1x Tomato | Watermouth
  • 1x Sunflower
  • 1x Marigold
  • 1x Zinnia Chromosia 

Winter Seeds Include:

  • 2x Beetroot | Cylindrical
  • 2x Broadbean | Scottish
  • 1x Broccoli | De Cicco
  • 1x Cabbage | Dalmatian
  • 1x Carrot | Yellow Austrian Llobericher
  • 1x Carrot | Oxheart
  • 1x Asian Greens Mesclun Mix
  • 1x Celery | Nutty
  • 1x Cress | Upland
  • 1x Radish | Tokinashi
  • 1x Kale | NZ Heritage Mix
  • 1x Leek | Lyon
  • 1x Lettuce | Mrs Simpson
  • 1x Lettuce | Winter
  • 1x Carbon Crop | Oats
  • 2x Pea | Southland Sno
  • 1x Silverbeet | Swiss Chard
  • 2x Turnip | O’hno Scarlet 
  • 1x Calendula Mix
  • 1x Snap Dragon Bolivian


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