Tree Lupin Yellow Flowering


Lupinus arboreus 


Native to: California
Number of Seeds: 30

Description: Tree Lupin is an evergreen shrub growing to 1-1.5m tall forming a dome that will shade out grass if pruned to a ‘bushy’ shape. It has green-grey palmate leaves. The leaflets are 2-6 centimetres long, often sparsely covered with fine silky hairs. In spring it bears many racemes, 30cm long, of fragrant, soft yellow, pea-like yellow flowers. It is capable of tolerating temperatures down to -12 degrees and living for up to seven years. It is a great nitrogen pioneer species for the forest garden establishment. 

Planting Instructions: Early autumn or early spring. Scarify – Place seeds in a tin can/glass and pure boiling water, let soak for 24 hours. Scatter in seed trays. At the end of the first growth spurt prick out into pots. Once 10cm tall, transplant into permanent position. No digging needed – open a slit in the soil with a spade.and plant inside.

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