October/November Delivery - Kumara

Delivered from October as they become available. The actual timing of send out for your parcel will depend on several factors and you will receive an e-mail to let you know your parcel is on it’s way. Kumara send out finished for 2019.

We are honoured to hold a very special collection of ancient kumara. The kumara in this collection has been gifted to us from the Far North, Marlborough, Bay of Plenty, the Hokianga and the Kaipara, where they have mostly been continuously cultivated since pre-European times. Many of these kumara grow differently to those we commonly know today. The leaf shapes vary a lot, the growth patterns vary, as do the colours of the leaves, stems and the kumara.
We also have kumara which were originally commercial cultivars that have now been grown organically and selected for keeping qualities for many years (over 20). These lines are very superior to using tupu from commercial kumara.

Kumara is sent out as tupu or small plants, not as tubers. Each bundle contains 15 tupu. Send out starts in October but the actual timing varies from season to season. Orders are then sent out each week, mostly in the order received, but the actual send out time of any particular order depends on multiple factors including availability of tupu and speed of growth.

If you want to find out more about growing kumara there is information in our knowledge base in our section on heritage vegetables

On send out we e-mail to let customers know their parcel is posted and to provide planting information

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Showing all 12 results