Education for Regenerative Living

Empower yourself with the practical skills to turn your dreams of self-reliance into your reality. We use the Permaculture design process to design and teach solutions for all aspects of our lives and environment. Our guided tours, workshops, permaculture design courses, internships and apprenticeships are all great ways to create your lifestyle or career path in a regenerative way.

 Permaculture Design Course 2nd to 14th February 2020

Workshops for Regenerative Living

Five Day Workshops

Reclaim Your


Learn to design your own nutrient dense diet and how to prepare traditional foods for human health

15th to 20th September 2019



How to garden regeneratively to grow nutrient dense food using the bio intensive method

22nd to 27th September 2019

Comprises Biointensive Gardening and Growing Nutrient Dense Food Workshops

Forest Garden


Designing, implementing and managing Forest Gardens

29th September to 4th October 2019

Comprises Forest Garden Design and Forest Garden Management Workshops

Seed Week

23rd to 28th February 2020

Butchery and

Meat Processing

 24th to 29th May 2020

Short Workshops

One or two days


      Saturday 13th July 2019

Divining the


Saturday 19th and

Sunday 20th October 2019

On-line workshops

ReGeneration Productions is a new educational initiative producing on-line workshops including videos, webinars and data bases. Find out more here


Internships are opportunities for students who have done Permaculture learning/workshops/courses here at Koanga or elsewhere, to further that learning by gaining practical experience in their field of interest. Find out more here

Guided Tours

A guided tour will give you an overview of the work of the Koanga Institute, covering all aspects including:-

  • Seed saving
  • Heritage fruit tree collections
  • Growing Nutrient Dense Food
  • Forest Garden Design
  • Education around regenerative living

There is heaps to see! We will take you for a walk and look at our BioIntensive seed and food gardens, developing forest gardens, our compost and our seed processing.

NEXT GUIDED TOUR - date to be arranged


More information about Education at Koanga Instritute

Here at Koanga Institute we are learning to live simply and in a regenerative way in Aotearoa. We are very aware of how important food is to eco-systems, people, cultures, communities and ultimately our health. The education we provide is our way of actively sharing the knowledge and skills that we are accumulating.

We are committed to:

  • Inspiring and supporting regenerative living in New Zealand through education
  • Empowering home gardeners to develop efficient gardening skills, build top-soil and improve their health through enjoying their own quality, nutrient dense produce

All workshop prices include meals and tent sites with basic facilities.

Apart from our ‘away’ workshops that we hold some years all of our workshops, design courses etc are held here at Kotare Village, a fledgling Permaculture Village based on a Community Land Trust model. Koanga Institute is integral to the design and development of the village project which has been on the ground since 2010. It is a huge process setting up a village and as students you experience this reality. Much of the teaching at Koanga is centered around what is happening in the village, as we create the invisible infrastructures of legal shapes, financial shapes and social structures, develop appropriate technology, our water, roading and internet infrastructure and as we begin to move forward with permanent buildings and plantings, the Koanga experience evolves ...these are exciting times to be around. Students often comment on how being included in the life of Kotare Village was an important part of their experience during their time at Koanga.