Covid 19 update

Due to unprecedented demand we are closing our website for seed, book and product sales for a few days to allow us to catch up with orders. We hope to be open again in about a weeks time. Thank you for your patience.

If you have already placed an order and are concerned about delivery date please do not contact us until at least 14 days after the order was placed as this will just cause additional pressure on our systems and slow things down further. We cannot currently respond to all e-mails so if you have already e-mailed and do not receive a response and your query is about an order please wait until 14 days after the order date and e-mail again.

ReGeneration Productions are taking orders for online courses with videos, databases and webinars to inspire and support us all to be the change we wish to see in the world.

Every workshop sale that reaches Regeneration Productions via the Koanga website results in a payment to Koanga to support our work so please remember to support Koanga by answering 'yes' to the checkout question about the Koanga website.

Over the last 30 years Koanga Institute has collected heritage seeds and plants from around New Zealand, plants that would mostly have been lost if they had not been saved by Koanga.

We now hold a nationally important range of heritage food plants and here is where we make them available to home gardeners. To help you get the best from the seeds you have purchased we have provided information here on how to grow seedlings and how to grow your plants in a nutrient dense manner.

Our new seed catalogue is now available to download Seed_Catalogue_July_2019_Download or to purchase as a printed copy here

When people buy seeds or plants from Koanga they are buying heritage plants which have proved their worth in New Zealand conditions, and that have been grown organically here in New Zealand using methods which make them as nutrient dense as possible. Koanga seeds and plants are grown and selected to be suitable for home gardeners so they are disease resistant, crop over long periods, and are nutritious and flavourful.

Most of the plants in our collection have been in New Zealand for a very long time, brought here by different waves of settlers who treasured the familiar food plants from their home. Some of the plants they brought adapted and thrived in the New Zealand conditions and continued to nourish families over generations, but then started to be lost as industrially produced food took over as the main stay of people's diets. Koanga's mission has been to save as many of the treasured heritage varieties as possible and these form the basis of our collection. These plants are precious and have their own stories of how they came to be here. So when you buy from Koanga you are also supporting a piece of our shared history.

So come on in and have a look around. There is plenty to support you on your journey to more resilient living and you can purchase knowing you are assisting Koanga with their important work!