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12.00 noon Thursday 16th January to after lunch Tuesday 21st January

Maximum of 25 adults

Booking essential - please e-mail [email protected]

Kia ora to all of our members, friends, supporters and past students

The idea of the Koanga Summer Campout is for staff, members, friends, ex-students and supporters of Koanga to have a time each year when we can gather and share ideas, information and things we are learning, have fun together, play music, swim, eat great food and also do work together each morning to support Koanga. Each person can choose the work they feel like getting involved with from a list of options each day.


Everybody bring their own tent and all sleeping gear

Bring items of food that could be helpful

Possibly bring tools if you are a carpenter or builder

We will ask for $15 per adult per day to cover costs like power and essential food items that we will plan and get in stock. We will share the cooking and cleaning(I'm happy in the kitchen)

If you are bringing children you can decide how much of an adult's meal your kids eat and pay that amount


Please e-mail [email protected] to book your place and to arrange to pay by internet banking. Remember we only have room for a maximum of 25 adults. We need to know how many adults are coming, how many children and their ages and also what skills you are bringing.

I imagine each day might look like this

Mornings - work with various groups doing various things eg

Fixing a range of appropriate technology items around the place that need upgrading for the PDC including solar oven, solar drier, rocket stove cooking top, slow cooker

Harvesting robinia poles for fencing the Hill Block Spring

Building a light earth batch rocket stove bath

Building a light earth, small accommodation unit for Koanga. We are always short of accommodation and in the first instance this will be used for Vitor, who started Regeneration Productions with Kay, to get through next winter

Fixing rotten wall boards on the Koanga house

Urban garden fencing

If you aren't into any of that there will be cooking and child fun and games and gardening etc

Afternoons could be

Swimming and adventuring, getting to know the land

Evenings could be talking, sharing info and music etc

Food will be a big part of this!


Hope you can make it



We have an extensive programme of workshops over the next year. Details of all of our workshops can be found here or you could download our workshop brochure Koanga_Workshop_Brochure_2019_DOWNLOAD