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Our Mission

Koanga  Institute is a Charitable Trust that has for over 30 years saved and made available heritage food plants from around Aotearoa, and that also aims to inspire, educate and support people towards a more regenerative way of living.

Business Sponsorship and Support Opportunities

Koanga Institute is well known as New Zealand's primary heritage seed saving organisation and, along with founder Kay Baxter, has a high profile both nationally and internationally. Our core work of maintaining our heritage collections is expensive and we receive no government funding. Membership support is crucial for us but we now want to also provide opportunities for businesses and organisations to support us financially and to themselves benefit in the process.

Background Information

Our heritage food plants are a national Taonga and should be treasured and protected, now and for the future. Maintaining bio diversity in food plants is essential as we move forwards into an uncertain climate future and our heritage collections are an important reserve of food bio diversity for Aotearoa. In addition heritage seeds, that have been grown over generations for nourishment and that have not been distorted by the dominant industrial agricultural food model, are the best for fully nourishing us and maintaining our health as humans. It is time that these food plants became the seeds our food is grown from but before we can move forward to growing these seeds on a larger scale for organic growers we must secure the collection.

Our focus is to

  • save the genetics of our NZ heritage food plants ... NZ has maybe 1% left of the diversity of food plants it had 100 years ago

  • continue to find ways to grow these seeds and trees that produces nutrient dense food and also regenerates the land, grows soil and sequesters carbon

  • research, inspire and share with others not only the plant material but also our knowledge on how to create regenerative gardens and food production systems via our website, books and booklets as well as through the workshops and talks that we run

Mutually Beneficial Opportunities

The reality is that resources and funding are always a limitation on what Koanga Institute can achieve. To help secure our future we are looking to develop relationships with ethical businesses that can provide financial support to enable us to reach our goals and that also provide benefits for the supporting company

These will be special relationships with businesses and organisations that we respect and that we are happy to be associated with for our mutual benefit. We have three levels of business sponsorship, to find out more click on the image below.

If your business can provide support in any way then please e-mail [email protected]  

Please click on each logo below for more information on different levels of sponsorship and their benefits