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Top 10 Winter Greens


  1. Brussels Sprouts NZH……. One of the most nutritious and tasty brassicas along with collards, kale and purple sprouting broccoli
  2. Kale Borecole NZH…….. dark curley outstanding kale raw or cooked
  3. Purple Sprouting broccoliall parts edible outstanding flavor and nutrition
  4. Cornsalad NZH…. Outstanding raw winter green nutty taste easy to grow self seeds once established
  5. Endive Indivia Scarola NZH…. Another outstanding nutritious liver green that sits all winter, great addition to salads and all other cooked dishes, very mild flavor
  6. Cabbage January King… savoy type cabbage which are more nutritious than others excellent flavor sits well over winter purple and green excellent raw, cooked, or saurkraut
  7. Kale Asparagus NZH …….. a kale that came to this land with our early Scottish forebears, it is the same kale as the old one also called Pentland Brig. Leaves are lighter green than Borecole and have wavy rather than frilly edges
  8. Miner’s lettuce NZH.. raw salad green, self seeds and grows wild, no problem, excellent refreshing winter flavour
  9. Celery Nutty NZH…. An outstanding flavoursome cultivar needs moisture and good soil health to do super well but is well worthy it for all raw and cooked dishes in winter
  10. Lettuce Winter NZH… the first New Zealand heritage vegetable in the Koanga collection, gifted by Mary Corker, outstanding, open, curley leaf, high nutrition lettuce ( possibly the ;lettuce with the highest nutrition) , sits all winter, great salad base
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