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Today in the Garden


  • Pulled the corn out. It’s the carbon crop of this garden system. Made space for the heavy feeders crop: Silver beet, leeks, celery, kale, coriander, landcress, cabbages, lettuce and broccoli.
  •  The corn will be chopped up (ideally and returned to to the compost heap as food for the nitrogen/weeds and greens) that becomes food for the soil.
  •  This method grows food for the gardener and food for the soil, so each are mutually benefited.
  •  I sowed into a tray: Daikon and beetroot.
  •  Climbing beans to come out now, but will do next week as didn’t have enough time to take out and prepare the soil.
  • The corn bed was U-bared (broad forked) and 400gs Natures garden per metre as fertiliser.

– Kane





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