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Thank you to all our urban garden contributors!

We are delighted that we made our goal of raising $19,000 to go towards our Urban Garden Research Project. Every single person who donated has made this possible and we are very grateful!

We had an amazing donation of over $10,000 which was our major sponsor for the urban garden. We are still trying to get in touch with him to let him know how much this means to us –  a huge thanks goes out to him!

Thank You to all those who wish to remain anonymous and those listed below:

A E CREEL, Natalia Kim, T Rapata, jeannine fraser, Felicity G Day, Km david, Lynette McManemin, PL Edmond, jill Newman, B L Winstone, Ingrid M Perols, Frances Potter, C keen, Anthony Weddle, Peter LIndsay Sandin, J M Booth, HUANYU WANG, E L Valentine, L K Tahuri, michael o’connor, T M James, Kellie J Deakin, GW IKIN, B M Thomas, Suzanne Orchard, Allison Mitchell, s l colquhoun, Margaret Colmore, Merryn Bayliss, Kathleen G Irwin, Weta Holdings, Jonathan Hurst, Arnold van Wakeren, J V STILES, shaye boddington, m e groufsky, L. M. Miles, N L MECHEN, S M Kennedy, M F Soper, Jon Carapiet, J P G TAMIHANA-BRYCE, Alison J McLeish, J n McLean, S A CORBETT, E M Ludwig, Kate Boocock, Robin E Barclay, V E Moon, maleta l knight, Marcel Allen, I H YOUNG, aw coldicott, BARBARA A JONES, M J Sole, C P McMorran, STEPHEN MCLUCKIE, Caroline Robinson, S Young, M A LIPPA, Victoria L Allain, Jared Toa Wood, NICHOLAS WHIU, P J EXTON, Emily Auton, PL Edmond, L M Matthews, B R CARTMELL, Sarah Watkeys, CMB Toner, B J T Blundell, A P Kozlowski, Hutch E Wilco, JULIET MCARA, E G Peehikuru, M L Chick, Alison Strong, s marler, charles pierard, W Nikora, R I Riley, D M Anderson, A J OBrien, MR BILLY T ROY and N R Blennerhassett.

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