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Still Gardening in the Rain

12 May 2012

Keeping in mind it is still raining daily here, all night last night, and we are gardening in wetlands, on free draining pumice soils! We are eating:

  • Havelock Sugar peas
  • Daikon, (as we have been all summer!)
  • Juwarot carrots (very good carrots)
  • Golden Beetroot and Bulls Blood beetroot
  • Bloomsdale Spinach
  • Odell’s lettuce
  • Welsh Bunching onions
  • Salsify
  • Scorzonera
  • Red Kuri and Delicata pumpkins
  • Stored California Red and Pukekohe Long Keeper onions
  • stored kumara and potatoes
  • Dalmatian cabbage
  • Land Cress
  • White Icicle radishes

So for all the wet cloudy weather we are not starving! The cow is still giving milk, but the chickens have stopped laying now, however it is time to eat the fat geese and ducks in the paddock.

All four quarters of our garden is are planted up in their winter crops, except the final beds that are being planted in Tic beans and broad beans for spring eating. One section in heavy feeders for Winter, early Spring eating (brassicas, salad greens celery fennel etc), one in legumes (peas, broad beans and Tic beans) and root crops (carrots, daikon, beetroot radish, salsify, scorzonera), another in grains for carbon and eating, the other in leguminous carbon crops also for eating and compost. Because of all the rain and full moon over the past week we did a solid fertilise over all beds with 100g of EF:Nature’sGarden per sqm. We also did a foliar feed of EF:GrowthFoliar. Things are still growing and the brix’s are around 10. I’m so looking forward to being able to use my own mineralised compost in Spring.

This Winter we will be fencing our house site, planting the orchard/food forest, and designing and building our animal systems so that we can move the chickens from their current site where they are clearing a patch which we will plant alfalfa next Spring.

I’m looking forward to the quieter energy of winter, a time to reflect and plan, read learn research etc.

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