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Rootstock Sale

This year we have rootstocks that are excess to our needs in the nursery. As far as I know there is nowhere else you can buy organically grown rootstocks for apples and pears so be in if you are keen to grow your own apple or pear trees. The rootstocks will need to be planted in the ground this winter when you get them and then grafted in situ in October. Alternatively they could be budded in Summer. Both ways it could be possible to get heritage scion wood or bud wood from us.

Rootstocks are $5 each and are available only in bundles of 10 or more.

We have available:

  • Apple Rootstocks
    – Northern Spy large tree suitable for heavy wetter soils ( 45 available )
    – 793 large trees better on free draining soils but a very flexible stock ( 35 available) in bundles of 20 or more only
  • Pear Rootstocks
    – M9 dwarf stock, trees great for espaliering and cordoning, or staking to grow as a stand alone tree.
    – Quince BA 29… produces dwarf pear and needs heavier wetter soils to do well.. also in bundles of 20 or more ( 15 available)
    – Quince C super dwarfing tree suitable for cordoning pears in tiny urban situations (30 available)

Please email your orders to [email protected]

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