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PDC Course Day Two – Student Blog

Day 2. Learning in the Rain.

I can see a pattern developing here. It goes – do something, eat something – and I am definitely not complaining. During our stay we follow the Western A Price way of eating, which Kay gave a talk on yesterday evening. Although I was interested in the principles of this diet, the story of food and gardening, and how these threads wound and grew throughout Kay’s life, was fascinating. Her path of discovery, and the links to indigenous cultures / knowledge is something stirring my interest of late. This idea that old cultures stories and traditions hold an innate knowledge of wellness (which are bit by bit being sciencified*), and that holding onto this knowledge is imperative to our health and well being*, is something which is wholeheartedly resonating with me.

PDCDay2Today the foundations of Permaculture Design began to be laid. The day started with a walk around the flat part of the property with Bob. Under grey skies, and over moist ground, we start to understand he sees with different eyes. After opening our young morning eyes (both literally and metaphorically), the pattern continues, and we are fed breakfast by Kay. Dan spent the rest of the day moving us between the classroom and the drizzling outdoors, questioning, doing, and laughing our way through each of the Permaculture Principles. For me the depth and breadth of the knowledge that Permaculture Designers come to hold is somewhere between overwhelming and impressive. And in a way I guess it provides an idea of just how much learning we have instore for us over the next two weeks. But the teachers don’t seem to be worried about our rate of information absorption, so I won’t either… It’s also hard to worry right now, as one of the Koanga interns is playing gorgeous guitar by the fire hearth while I sit here and summarize my day… and there goes the bell for dinner.

*I may have made this word up.

**Both humans and our environment

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