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PDC Course Day Three – Student Blog

PDC Day 3

Could it be possible my brain is reaching full capacity? Getting amongst the design side of the Design Process during the morning, it was great to see how and when the pieces of the puzzle start fitting together. Coming from a design (graphic) back ground, this part provided me a more seamless transition than other aspects so far. 


By the afternoon we were being presented with three design projects. 
Option one was Urban, and seemed like a very current option, as with most people living in urban environments, it will be an important avenue for permaculture in the future. Option 2 was  a quarter acre on the Koanga land, bringing together the vision of a coupe currently living on the property. This seemed to align more with the lifestyle I lead in semi rural Raglan. Option 3 was the 15 hecter “River Block” recently reacquired by the Koanga Institute, to be developed as a resource for the proposed 150 member Koanga Village community. 

With most of our examples over the past two days focusing on the quarter acre around our class, and a consistent unexplainable desire to put myself in the deep end, I went with the 15 hecter block. Myself and the 4 others in the team saw it as not only an opportunity to expand our learning into a whole new area, but Bob is also leading this project. Any one to meet Bob will soon discover he is a classic rural kiwi bloke who is very quick to have a laugh. An opportunity to experience more of this person, and the huge amount of knowledge he holds, was one we couldn’t pass up. 

Is it any wonder my brain was full? Serve myself right. Turns out, as I write this a little later on Day 4, that all I needed was a sleep. 

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