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PDC Course Day Six – Student Blog

I don’t even know where to start. Trees. Are. Incredible. I always felt it, but now I know it. Words, terms, information, observation and stories wound their way from the classroom, around Kay’s personal gardens, and through the Koanga Institutes food forests.


It’s funny what bits of information stick with different people, and I am often asking the others what fascinated them most during the day. Most answers differ, and shows the breadth of what we are covering (I am trying to get each one of them to write a day – no luck so far!).


A tree grows in two ways, completely independent of each other. One is up. The other is out. Depending on how much food (light) the tree is getting, will depend on how much it grows out that year. If you chop the tree, these years will be seen in the tree rings. That I was familiar with. But linking that to the idea that you could read those rings to understand certain things about its life was something else. Suddenly I saw my own years as rings. Saw the rings closer together where I wasn’t given, or providing myself, the right environment to grow. And the rings further apart where I was, and did. I have an inkling this year will look like an entirely new type of ring altogether. 

Kelly Clarkson


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