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PDC Course Day One – Student Blog

Signing up for a PDC at the Koanga Institute situated in Wairoa, I had no idea what to expect – my sister had no hesitation in using many cult references in the week up to my departure.

Excitement of what the experience could hold, overrode the fear of being married off to start a super race, and so I embarked on my travels. The drive in was incredible. I had to remind myself several times to watch the road, and not the white sheer cliffs plunging into the startling green river.


Arrival was a pitched tent, small introductions to the stream of arrivals, and a tired body filled with soul warming food. As I meandered my way into sleep, there between the pillow and the extra blanket pulled over my head to hold in any heat, was a smile.

The patter of rain drummed on the tent. By the time I edged my way into my white shoes, and manoeuvred myself out of the tent without getting any droplets into my abode, the rain had been replaced by mist. A quick slip into gumboots (sure those white shoes won’t be seen for the rest of my stay), a warm cup in my hand, I took in my surrounds. Fresh, simple majestic. The droplets of water captured on the ends of branches like little lights, inspired a photo. Sure there will be many of those moments to come.

Then the ride began. Beautiful food, introductions, purpose – What brought us here, What do we want from the course, What can we bring to the course. And a sense emerged that from all our unique walks, we had all began to see the world in a particular way, ask ourselves similar questions, and we are all here looking for solutions.

So Day 1 insights? I am inspired. Surrounded by intelligent, practical, deep, compassionate, like minded people from all around the globe. Willing and open teachers – both the course leaders and my fellow students. I am immersed in a positive environment that showcases all that is possible – composting toilets, fire stoked showers that run every other day, beautiful wholesome food every single meal. I move into Day 2 with an open heart and a freshly stimulated mind for what is to come. 

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