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PDC Course Day Four – Student Blog

A run. It might sound simple but I had yet to get out of my gumboots in the first few days. Remnants of a cold – which Kay is blasting with garlic, lemon and chilli drink – hadn’t helped, but today I got up and hit the drive way. A 1k meandering  drive that passes from the farmhouse along the river, past a small dairy block, and a grove of eucalyptus, to the road. 2k isn’t a long run by any means, but with first practical starting at 7.00, with wake up, run, yoga stretch and chores to fit in before hand, I’ll have to be happy with what I get!

The other evening session (which runs after dinner from 7.00 – 8.30) Dan introduced us to Holistic Management. For me it was a revelation. A way of identifying the vision of any group (individual/marriage/family/business/etc), what situations make up this vision, and what actions create these situations. Then taking any decision, putting it through this system, and seeing if it works with it – or not.

For instance, individually I want to be knowledgeable on ways to live a life that is not only sustainable, but regenerates the environment. So I need to put myself in situations that allow that, and be ready to learn. Aside from the information, and various other actions, a major factor to optimize my learning is exercise. There is no better way to clear my mind than getting the blood flowing. So shoes on at 6.15 it is.

*Morning practical was seeds with Kay. We got pack seeds, learn about seed saving, and even take peak in the seed room and see all these nutrient dense wonders with our own eyes. 

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