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PDC Course Day Five – Student Blog

In the permaculture design process there is what they call a Scale of Permanence. The more permanent the element, the earlier it appears in the process, and we are in the beginnings of making our way through this scale. Yesterday we started with Climate, Landform and Patterns. Today was Water, Access and Earthworks.

In the morning we were playing in the sand pit with Dan, and by afternoon we were crossing the stream to check out the Hill Block with Bob. As we walked the hills (thankful for those nutrient dense meals we are receiving), Bob told us stories, and showed us signs of early Maori “campgrounds”. As we observed the landform of the Hill block, the natural contours of the land revealed the opportunity for water catchment. Pairing this with the location of the hill block in relation to the village, from there the whole vision for this community began to materialise.



As Bob spoke, not only a vision for the land they occupy, but all which you could see with your eye, began to take shape. A way of designing with the land to provide everything that communities could possibly need while regenerating the landscape. In that moment, and again here as I type, I understand that this course is offering me practical tools to be part of a very real achievable solution of abundance. I am experiencing a very new feeling. The idea of designing for abundance that resonated with me, and set in motion getting involved with this course, is becoming empowered. 




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