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Natural Building & appropriate technology’s blog 23

Article 23 of Natural Building and Appropriate Tech Internship

Change of time this last weekend. What a change! Now it is dark when we have dinner. So we light up some candles and seet all around the same table to have some more body heat because it is soooooo cold.

Hopefully after a rainy weekend we have the sun again for this week. And with the sun, the motivation comes!

So three weeks left, we have work to do! Lots of project and we are all working like little ants everywhere. Hard to keep track of what has been achieved and at which stage everyone is.

As usual, firstly, the roof is going and going. All excited about to be under this awesome roof working on the next step of the sleep-out, the walls and the floor.


Simon on the roof

And tomorrow we have the plaster party! Organized really carefully by the plaster crew they will present us all their different mixes and share the knowledge with us. We will lay down the plaster on the walls of the seed room as a preparation for the sleep-out. Plaster? Where? On the walls for sure! So to set up the wall we need material. We already have the pines needles now we need the silty clay to mix them with. And for that we are going to take from the bottom of a dam. So we have to syphon it! What an epic moment trying to syphon a whole dam. First time for me and it may takes a few days. I had the chance to see biointensive Bob showing to me the way to do it.


The dam being emptied

Last week we had the chance to have two presentations. Sarah on the solar water heater and Enlighted Ben (previously Angry Ben but he cut his beard which bring a lot of light on his face) on the biosand filters. Thanks to both of them for their presentations. We learned a lot and give me confidence in future designs. The idea is also that after their presentations their two projects will be done. Sarah is already working on her solar water heater and I hope to begin soon on the biosand filters.


Sarah presenting the principles of a solar water heater

And myself I have spend the day working on something that passionate myself. FIRE! I have created a biochar maker cooker. So we can create our own biochar and cook at the same time! The idea is that people who use a rocket stove could create biochar instead, and still cook their food. And how surprised was I after seeing that it actually works greatly.


Biochar maker cooker unit!

And just for the beauty of the eyes, the seed team harvesting all the pumpkin’s and squash’s seeds.


What a pile!


 ~Oscar Morand, 8 April 2013, Natural Building and Appropriate Technology Intern

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