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Natural Building & appropriate technology’s blog 19

Article 19 of Natural Building and Appropriate Tech Internship

Rain on the forecast, but not much, so let’s keep going with the house! As usual we had a morning check-in where the different projects are discussed and the students can choose whatever they want to do.

Todays Options are:

  • grey water system implementation with Bob
  • finishing the rocket barbecue
  • and the sleep-out

I spent the day working on the sleep out. We had to dig out some pumice. It was amazing to see the different layers in the soil. First there is a top soil, very smooth and dark and straight after a layer of pumice, all crumbly and orange yellowish. And if we keep going we find some white silt that sticks together. The idea is to use the pumice to create a insulation layer. First, two inches of pumice, then a sheet of plastic and one more layer of pumice. Then it is time to raise the level of this floor. We don’t have a vibrating plate anymore and we are going to create our mud floor after we have a roof. So by laying all the material now we will compact it the next weeks only by working and walking on it.


Shelly and Tim, the compacting crew!

And now time to create the mezzanine. This means that we are not going to work on floor level anymore. Everyone climbs on the building, secure themselves, and begin to assemble the poles to have an amazing mezzanine. It is going to be huge but still inside the council regulations.


All in the air

Standing on a pole at 2 meters high and working with timber at the same time is not easy, however, some found tricks to stabilize the work being done.


Rafa stabilizing the timber for Big Ben to cut.

The other team are still working in the shed and we are looking forward to hear what they have achieved for the day!

~Oscar Morand, 21 March 2013, Natural Building and Appropriate Technology Intern

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