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Natural Building & appropriate technology’s blog 18

Article 18 of Natural Building and Appropriate Tech Internship

It rained all night and my mattress is wet! Otherwise life is pretty good at the Kotare Village. With water pouring from the sky, it has definitely been a day to spend in the workshop and do some undercover work.

Every student had their own project.


Silus painting his solar oven with a waterproof paint layer


Tom and Sarah processing the skin of a possum that has been caught this morning by one of the trap.

Oscar Weld

One of the projects was to finish our rocket barbecue and do some more oxy-torch to adjust the steel g-shape to have a better draw.


And as soon as the rained stop we had two super motivated persons to jump on the building and keep work going!


Thanks heaps to Simon and Rafa.

 ~Oscar Morand, 15 March 2013, Natural Building and Appropriate Technology Intern

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