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Natural Building & appropriate technology’s blog 17

Article 17 of Natural Building and Appropriate Tech Internship

And we begin the fifth week. Already halfway through the internship! As it is well known, time flies when you’re having fun!

Even as time goes quickly Monday felt like a pretty slow day. Two interns took Monday off to spend a longer weekend with their family. And when they came back they looked really happy and motivated to keep going. We missed them during this weekend and are glad that they came back.

During this weekend we had a special event. We helped Yotam, Niva and Lily to set up their new home, a tipi!

picture 1

Seven metres in diameter. It is a big one.

Very enjoyable experience and it gave me ideas for a future habitation.

We spent they day on the building site. The building is looking good and the walls are standing strong, all bolted at the base. Time to do the side walls and our team has installed the bracing. A big brace on the west side and two others on the east side.

The roof is going to extend the back of the sleep-out to create a veranda. So the poles to create the roof will need to sit on some others studs at the back. This means more foundations to create. Thankfully, Rafa and Big Ben look like they are in charge of the process, and have begun to create the different necessary parts to put the foundations in place.

I went with the group for installing a ram pump. We left the Institute and it begun to rain. Under the rain we surveyed the site, thought a little bit about the different options and fixed the ram pump. In the next few days we will go back there and install all the pipes. And we will see how well this ram pump is functioning. It is definitely an exciting moment!

 picture n°2

The Ram pump bolted to the stone under it.

~Oscar Morand, 19March 2013, Natural Building and Appropriate Technology Intern


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