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Natural Building & appropriate technology’s blog 07

Article Seven of Natural Bldg and Appropriate Tech Internship

Every morning we gather in front of the classroom and have a daily check in to see if anyone has a particular issue or idea. Also, we have an opportunity to speak about how we feel from the previous day as well as what we want to see happening. It is definitely an important moment of the day as everyone listens to each other.  Personally I feel empowered by the attention of the group on each other. It definitely strengthens the bond between us while improving the community dynamics

And now to the hill! We all went to the little valley beneath the hill where we harvested the Kanuka poles that we need for our two sleep-outs. One person, in this case Chester, with the chainsaw is cutting the poles, and another person is walking around and marking the wanted poles for Chester to cut. All the others are carrying the poles through the rugged hill.

How lucky we are to have Mel, our cook, who prepared us a morning tea break that we brought with us made of some powerful nut balls to raise our energy levels! Because I tell you, it was a hell of a job (like Shelly would say with a south African accent) going up and down with these poles, and three or four of us carrying the bigger ones.


Sometimes a single and strong man can carry one pole alone!


We don’t see it but this pole is quite long and heavy, which explains Shaz’s facial expression.

In the afternoon we had a really good conversation about how to set up a toilet system that could be approved by the council. Even though I personally live in Switzerland where the regulations are different, it is so interesting to speak about this “taboo” subject and actually see all the different ideas and systems that can be used to recycle our “organic human by-products” without using the massive amount of water that is currently used in most developed areas. And after theory, practice! We went to empty the composting toilet. The material coming out looks decomposed, without even a single bad smell. Ah to be humanuring!

~Oscar Morand, 27 February 2013, Natural Building and Appropriate Technology Intern

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