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Kay’s Garden March 2015

I’m too busy to write anything, overwhelmed with preserving fruit, drying stevia and rock melons and perilla, making miles of pesto, with basil, garlic, olive oil and pumpkin seeds, making loads of eggplant oil pickle, harvesting honey, putting chickens in the freezer (my new season chickens are already laying, the earliest I’ve ever had and the best grown chickens, all that curds, comfrey chicken minerals and alfalfa I think), charring and fermenting peppers, making hot chilli sauce (by fermentation). Cleaning Austrian hulless pumpkin seed for storing, cleaning the Essene flax seed, huge crops of both this year, I love it but I’m exhausted!…all the recipes are in Change of Heart.

Actually most critically I’m also getting the winter garden in…. hope you are too Arohanui Kay

PS and we’re excited about all the new fruit coming on, it takes a while to get fruit trees fruiting going and this is year 4 here now, the fruit trees have been in for 3 years and right now I’m loving the Batley peaches and the Hyndemans figs, both of them outstanding cultivars….

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