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Fertiliser Recipe’s at the end of this post! Keep Reading…

This journey of learning to grow nutrient dense food we’re on has been partly possible for us through the mentorship of Grant at Environmental Fertilisers.

Grant already had a background working with mainstream fertiliser before becoming disillusioned and researching other options. He attended all of Ardern Anderson’s early workshops in NZ and has since been a student of many others following the principles of Dr Carey Reams.

Grant is a driven scientist who will go to any lengths to do the best job possible, to support farmers on a large scale, regenerate the land and produce healthy food for people. He is doing incredible work and getting amazing results.

I learned to grow nutrient dense food using Grant’s fertiliser mixes, and initially was very reluctant to promote them because we’d always had a policy of not doing that.

I trialled several other companies fertiliser over the past years however and came to the clear conclusion that Environmental Fertilisers mixes are the absolute best I have ever found if you are on this journey of seriously learning to grow nutrient dense food., and it became difficult for me to talk bout how to grow nutrient dense food with out being able to recommend fertiliser, as that is the only fast way to do it I know of.

I decided a few years ago to not only recommend their fertiliser but also sell it which meant bringing ½ ton bags here repacking it and couriering around NZ. That was very successful but now that Grant is repacking into Home Gardener size bags it is not sensible for us to do it any more.

We’ve been working hard to find a shape that meant we had our research sponsored because it all takes time and money, and Grant at EF has offered to give Koanga a % of the retail price for all the fertilser sales they make that come through us.

This could be critical for us in terms of allowing us to continue this work. EF products can now be purchased online. If you take the time to go through the other process of calling or e-mailing EF with your order directly and mention Koanga, then Koanga will benefit.

We’re hoping that you will all support us here and get your friends to do so as well.

Our soils are in far worse condition than most of us realize, and in a home garden situation where many of us may even have toxic soils , we are faced with needing expert advice and support.

Environmental Fertilisers offer:

  1. The only Reams soil tests available in NZ
  2. Way the best range of fertiliser suitable for actually growing soil health and plant health I know of
  3. An advisory service that is really useful for home gardeners

All of this costs, but the costs are very reasonable and the returns are huge.  What is the real cost of degeneration of the earth soil, our food and our health. When you spend the money and get the minerals right production and brix go up exponentially over time.

When you step into this journey you see that most other readily available fertilisers actually makes things worse in the medium long term, giving short term results that are not nutrient dense, you can test this with a refractometer. Check it out for yourself!! Actually food grown with soluble nitrogen, rather than calcium and phosphorous, is low level carcinogenic as nitrates concentrate in the food, and do not carry other minerals into the photosynthesis process.

We must begin with the earth.

If you’re into learning to grow nutrient dense food, and are keen to buy fertiliser designed to support that process then please mention Koanga when purchasing, it will help us help you and many others re enter the process of co evolution that is essential for a vibrant regenerative future.

Environmetal Fertilisers Website listing products available to home gardeners

EF Purchasing Details
Phone number to order: (07) 867-6737 or 0800 867-6737
To order by e-mail: you need to do this through the contact section on their website
To BuyNow: through click here through to TradeMe 

REMEMBER TO MENTION OUR KOANGA WHEN YOU ORDER, we really appreciate you’re support!


Recipe (excerpt from Koanga Garden Guide)

Kay’s Optimal Recipe… this fertiliser program will get you producing nutrient dense food fast. The production and quality of your crops will far more than pay for the time and cost beginning in the garden

1. Grow your own seedlings following Koanga’s best practice (page 152) and using Koanga Seedling Inoculant… this will prepare your seedlings to be able to fully utilise the nutrients far more effectively.

2. Apply 400gms EF: Nature’s Garden when planting by incorporating it into the top 10cm, before planting.

3. After planting, water in with EF: Fish Plus (this liquid fish has the nitrogen held by carbon so it will not be as water soluble as other forms of liquid fish).

4. Alternate weekly soil drenches of EF: Fish Plus with EF: CalPhos and EF: Activated Carbon for the first 4 weeks of plant growth.

5. Foliar feed EF :Growth Foliar weekly for first 6 weeks then switch to EF: Fruit Foliar unless it is a leafy green, garlic or onions. In that case continue with weekly EF: Growth Foliar.

6. I would also add biochar if I was making it at home, at a rate if 1kg per square metre every year for a few years, after first charging it with a balanced fertilser perhaps urine or high quality, organic cow manure or EF: Nature’s Garden.

7. I would also add paramagnetic rock dust if I had the opportunity (Environmental Fertilisers sell it), it makes a huge difference to speeding up the process to get to high brix crops.

8. If I had very sandy or pumice soils I would also add clay and if I had heavy clay I would also add sand.

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