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Kay’s Home Garden – December 2011

Welcome to my new garden in a paddock at Kotare Village. I thought you might enjoy seeing the transformation of ¼ acre of paddock, in a pretty special place, to pretty special garden!! 

This is the very first beginning of my home garden, which is double dug, (200 sq m), and designed following my new Garden Planner to be released in a couple of months. The garden is designed to grow all of the food for 2 people with plenty to give away, whilst growing soil.

December_11 Kay Baxters garden blog

A quarter of the garden is in root crops and legumes, a quarter in heavy feeders; ie pumpkins, cucumbers lettuces, greens, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and a quarter in heavy feeders that are also carbon, corn and flour corn, crops ( so we grow soil as well as food) and another quarter in carbon/ calorie crops (so we grow calories as well as carbon for the soil). The garden is divided into ¼’s so that the rotation plan works easily.