Appropriate Technology

Green Woodworking 

Green woodworking encompasses methods of working with wood with hand tools to create useful, and often beautiful, products. Learning these techniques fits as a part of self reliant, restorative living. 

First steps in green woodworking

Woodland Crafts: An essential part of self reliance


Biochar can be an amazing soil amendment when used properly


Biochar - beyond the basics

BioChar - what is it and why is it important?

Video on biochar

An October 2017 article by an international team of researchers, with key contributions by Colorado State University experts, has illuminated unprecedented detail and mechanistic understanding of biochar's seemingly miraculous properties. Read more at:

Solar dryer

An important piece of equipment that allows us to preserve food by drying without the use of power.

The Solar Dryer

A short video about using the solar dryer