Koanga Institute Forest Garden Apprentice

this position is now filled

Koanga is looking for somebody whose dream is to be living and working long term in Kotare Village with forest gardens, including nursery production.

Koanga is actively learning to design regenerative temperate forest gardens, and to plant and manage those forest gardens. Our goal is to be inspirational in what we do and to use our experience and learning to inspire and support others .

We also propagate trees for forest gardens, both fruiting trees and support trees of all kinds, in specifically New Zealand temperate conditions and environment to sell.

We are looking for somebody who is a good team player, but who is self motivated, enjoys working alone, and who can see themselves being part of this project for the long term….. somebody who is looking for a way to settle into Kotare Village, and build themselves a career here.

This person will love working outdoors in all reasonable conditions and love working with trees. Be happy to be working longer hours in the winter and less over summer. The initial commitment will be for 1 year. After that there are many possibilities, we are open to discussing.

We are especially looking for somebody who aligns with the wider values and ethics of Kotare Village and the Koanga Institute for whom the Weston A Price Foundation holds some of the key principles we base our designs and diets, and health on.

If this sounds like you please send a CV and references to [email protected]