gooseberryPress releases TOUR TO INSPIRE COMMUNITIES TO TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THEIR SEED, THEIR SOIL AND THEIR HEALTH Did you know that a large proportion of the heritage fruit and vegetables on the planet have either passed into extinction or are rapidly headed that way? Read more INFORMATION ABOUT  THE KOANGA FUNDRAISING MISSION At present, Koanga Institute leases both the land it holds its heritage organic seed and tree collection on and the adjacent hill block which supplies all the water for our plants. See more ABOUT KAY BAXTER Kay Baxter director and co founder of Koanga Institute (, has been a permaculture designer and teacher, a grower and collecter of heritage organic seeds, an ardent fan of biological agriculture, and a presenter for many years. See more   Photos for media use   kay-baxter1kay_baxter_3kay2         Recent media coverage Saving our seed for the future - Seven Sharp TV1 15 November 2013 Modern produce has been bred for shelf life not taste, but there is a group of kiwis trying to bring back the… see more Kiwis missing out on heritage food - Firstline TV3, 19 March 2014 Kay Baxter, director of the Koanga Institute, is on a mission to save New Zealand's heritage seeds... watch Feeding the nation: Are all fruits and veges created equal? - Element, NZ Herald 31 Jan 2014 In the final part of a three-part report on nutrition and poverty in New Zealand, experts weigh in on keeping pesticides to a minimum... see more Plant your veges and watch savings grow – Hamilton News 8 June 2013 Sustainable gardening advocates the Koanga Institute say science supports what our tastebuds have been telling us: home-grown "heritage" vegetables are nutritionally superior to pesticide-ridden store-bought produce... see more Gardening: Core of good health – Herald on Sunday 20 May 2012 Visit the supermarket and you'll find only three or four types of apples to choose from at any given time, but New Zealand research of heritage varieties proves some older cultivars are worth holding on onto... see more Kay Baxter on food foresting - Radio Live 25 January Kay Baxter from the Koanga Institute talks food foresting with Tony Murrell... listen Koanga Institute and Heritage Seeds – Radio NZ 24 November 2013 It isn't widely known that a large proportion of the heritage fruit and vegetables on the planet have either passed into extinction or are rapidly headed that way... listen A New Home for Koanga Institute and Gardens – Radio NZ 15 July 2011 For the past 25 years Kay Baxter and her husband Bob Corker have been saving New Zealand's heritage fruit trees and vegetables at Koanga Gardens in Kaiwaka. But five years ago they decided they needed a new place to live so have found a new home near Wairoa where they're developing a Community Land Trust which they hope will support up to 30 families...listen