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We are in the midst of our propagation season for next winter right now and we will have huge range of our heritage, organically and regeneratively grown trees next Winter. They will go up in the website shop in February next year.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page  for videos and descriptions of this incredible fruit as it ripens over Summer, and join our Facebook Q and A talkback with Kay and Crew on Thursdays at 11:00am weekly, as well as our Webinars at the same time once a month (the 4th Thursday of each month). Info about all of that is on our newsletters, join here.

If you are keen to support us to save our NZ heritage Food plants please consider becoming a member here, or if you are in a position to donate towards an assisted membership then go to the membership page as well. Donations towards assisted memberships support young families and young people to be inspired and educated in meaningful and critical work, and it gives them an opportunity to join the Regeneration Revolution… which will, in the end, only be as strong as the number of people involved from all walks of life.

We would just like to point out that we can see that the fruit trees Koanga has collected over 30+ years are becoming so well known and enjoyed that several other nurseries are now choosing the ones they like and propagating and selling them too. There is not one nursery out there (or seed seller for that matter) that has talked to us about that, offering to acknowledge where they came from and Koanga’s work in collecting and growing them over all that time and doing selection trials etc. Even more important to us is that we honor the original people and stories that came with these trees (and seeds) as they gifted them to the Koanga Collection. From what we can see that is not being adequately done which is a real shame.

We understand that it is a very positive thing to have these trees becoming available in bioregional nurseries again, but be aware that these nurseries are not doing the hard yards, and saving the huge collection to find the best, they are taking the best with no acknowledgement in any way (apart from Sarah at Edible Garden).

We would like to acknowledge Sarah who has been a strong supporter of Koanga and also sold our trees over many years. We have had great relationship Sarah, but have mutually decided to end it from now. From our side we need to have all of our trees not only organically grown, but also grown in regenerative systems where we can measure the soil growing and the brix of the trees to build trust and our Brand.

If you value this work of having Koanga do the hard yards, collecting and saving trees from extinction, doing comparative trials and also researching ways to grow them that are regenerative then please consider buying your trees direct from Koanga. Our profits all go back to this charitable work.

We now have page on our website where we place brochures and posters that talk about our work so that you are all able to download and print them as well. This means if you are a Koanga supporter you can print off beautiful posters and put them up in places people will see them, waiting rooms or groups of people who meet etc.

Arohanui, Kay and Crew

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