Perennial Collection

This is an important and expanding part of the Koanga Institute heritage food plant range. These plants were important additions to old gardens but over the past 60 - 70 years have become endangered and rare, and it is our aim to make these plants available in the form of starter packs. Some plants in our perennial collection are usually grown as annuals (eg potatoes, kumara, shallots and garlic), however they naturally remain in the ground and grow as perennials. Other plants in the collection are clearly left in the ground (eg strawberries, welsh bunching onions). Most of the plants in this range are food plants but there are also some perennial flowering plants that are good support plants and are sent out as part of this system.

All of these plants are sent out as live plant material, not seeds. They can be ordered at any time of year but are sent out at only one time of year according to the needs of the plants. Details of the send out time for each category can be found below and in the description. Please note if you order during the send out time you will not necessarily be sent the order immediately as existing orders are sent first. It is important that the plants reach their destination as quickly as possible so when ordering please ensure that you give your accurate New Zealand post address including RD number if applicable. 

Many of these plants are only available in New Zealand through Koanga Institute. We greatly appreciate the support given to us by members and give members priority access to our perennial collection. This means some items are only available to members. If you would like to order 'member only' items and are not a member then details on membership can be found here. Such items will be 'members only' until all members orders have been met and then may be available for general sale if there is surplus.